it was a great first time experience the instructor was very patient and friendly!
love apollo lessons are great and summer camp is so fun!! The farm and all of the horses are so pretty and greatly cared for.
Wow! I had a terrific experience at Apollo farms located in Palmerton, Pa we enjoyed a 60 minute yoga session with the horses which was something I’ve never done it was so relaxing and different !!! I loved being surrounded by the horses !! Followed by a local wine sampling super yummy !!!
My daughter and I were first time riders. It was a fantastic experience. We had the opportunity to meet and groom the horses before riding. Rachel came with us and made us feel comfortable and safe. We loved the entire experience and I highly recommend this place.
Apollo farms is the best place to learn how to ride horses,the owner is a very warm hearted and patient person ,i enjoy working the owner and the horses.
I love every horse n me n my friend get to help out when ever she needs it. Delia n her daughter r like family to me n my friend. Delia has taught me n my friend a lot over months. N all the ppl that say it was a bad experience u r major haters. N one day me and my friend will start r own horse farm because of the experience Delia has given us
Best place to learn how to ride a horse I go their 2 days a week for school n I learn a lot n they have great horses the don't kick or bit she takes real care of the animals I love every single one and the first day I went there I got attached to every single horse
This is such a great place. Just went for the first time and I already am thinking of the next time I'm gonna be going back. It's so beautiful and relaxing and it puts a smile on your face. Everyone there just wanted you to feel comfortable. Me and my friends did a trail ride and it was so peaceful. We got to groom the horses as well. It was honestly an exciting and relaxing experience and I am definitely gonna tell everyone about this place!!!
My family went to Apollo Farm as a gift for my daughter's birthday. As beginners, we appreciated the individualized attention given to us as we rode the trail at Apollo Farm. Delia answered all of our questions about the farm and the horses, so it was also a great learning experience. The farm has a clean appearance, and beautiful landscape. The only thing that would have made the day better, would be if we could have ridden two by two, so that we could see each other's reactions to the ride. My children were all behind me, so I could not see their expressions, or ask how they were liking the experience. Thank you Delia, we had fun!
You got to be kidding me, this farm is the best horse training and horse boarding i have ever seen. The staff is great and the place is not as last review stated. I have keep several horses there over the last two years and found the place very clean, great care and spectacular property. The fact that the owner is a uoung very good looking woman, I think some haters are in the house.